STO Surface-Radiation Type UV Sterilizer System

  • UV quickly sterilizes bottles, caps and containers on conveyer belts.
  • Do not account for space, save energy, no residue and the best bactericidal method of sterilization.

The STO is designed for speedy radiation-sterilization of products and their packaging while traveling on conveyers at food processors, pharmaceuticals and other industries. As such items can be contaminated with germs in the air, plumbing, hoppers and chutes, etc., the control of a hygienic environment is vitally important. STO design is customized to serve the client under a variety of operation conditions, purposes and lications.

Conveyor Belt Bottle, Bottle Bottle UV Quick Sterilization Device
UV before and after irradiation
Examples of artificial butter container sterilization devices
Specifications of STO series
Type No. of lamps Rated power (kw) Body Dimensions (mm) Power control panel(mm)
STO-2S 2 0.1 150×700×100 400×250×700
STO-3S 3 0.15 225×700×100 500×250×700
STO-4S 4 0.2 300×700×100 550×250×700
STO-2L 2 0.2 150×1300×100 400×250×700
STO-3L 3 0.25 225×1300×100 500×250×700
STO-4L 4 0.4 300×1300×100 550×250×700

Note: The product specifications in accordance with the conveyor belt size, shape can be changed according to customer needs.