STN Surface Radiation Type UV Sterilizer

  • This product uses electronic ballast
  • Bactericidal performance due to bacteria, water quality, storage tank size and other factors affect its effectiveness.

This system has been developed for sterilization of molasses tanks. UV lamps installed in the upper section of the tank radiate and effectively penetrates the surface of high viscous fluid likely to be contaminated by mold, which grows in water condensed on the surface of thick fluid. Molasses can therefore be preserved much longer than before.

STN is applied to food or beverage plants and can be sterilized on the surface of sugar in the storage tank
Specifications of STN series
Type NO.of lamps Rated power (kw) Dimensions(mm) Power control panel(mm)
STN5B-1 1 0.14 (235 Øx330)x1 450x280x600
STN5B-2 2 0.28 (235 Øx330)x2 450x280x600
STN5B-3 3 0.42 (235 Øx330)x3 600x300x800
STN5B-4 4 0.56 (235 Øx330)x4 600x300x800

The specification size is for reference only