SF Flow Type UV Sterilizer System

  • Pressure loss at the standard flow rate is set at 0.5kg/c㎡ G
  • The systems is designed to resist pressure of 7kg/c㎡ G
  • The main body is made of SUS 304
  • Power source is single phase 200V
  • Lamp burn-out alarm installable(option)
  • The standard flow rate is set for bacillus subtilis. The rate depends on the kind of bacterium, water quality, water temperature, etc.

High dosage UV over 150,000μw.sec/c㎡ can kill over 99.9999% of microorganisms in water. Turbulence caused by baffle plates prevents short pass of flowing water to ensure high sterilizing performance. Adaptable to both 50HZ and 60HZ. Lamp conditions are easily checked by an LED indicator. SF series serves an extensive range of applications. It treats source water, rinsing water, molasses, etc. at food processors, pharmaceutical production lines and many other manufacturing works. By linking several units together it can process great volumes of water.

Specifications of SF series
Type Standard flow rate ( m³/h) NO.of lamps Rated power (kw) Dimensions (mm) Joint diameter Body weight(kg)
SF-1 1.3 1 0.1 280x300x1,290 IDF 1S 25
SF-4 6.5 4 0.4 400x520x1,510 IDF 1 1/2S 80
SF-8 13.0 8 0.8 450x570x1,510 IDF 2S 110

Applications of SF, UEX and Flonlizer