Immersion Type UV Sterilizer System: Steritron OF Series

  • Connectable by use of an 80A JIS 10K flange.
  • The system is designed to resist pressure of 5kg/cm2G.
  • Sterilizing effects vary depending on the kind of bacterium, water quality, tank size, etc.
  • This systems use of magnetic ballasts.

This system will effectively maintain the sterilized condition of all types of storage tanks. The UV radiation lamp is submerged directly in water and radiates its purifying energy effectively from inside. A water level sensor is connected with the on-off controller for the lamp(option). For recovery process of cleansing water for semiconductor lines, oxidizing agents can be added to promote extensive decomposition of bacteria and organic matters.

OF Internal UV radiation for all kinds of storage tanks
Specifications of OF series
Type Number of lamps Rated power(kw) Dimensions(mm) Power control panel(mm)
OF-1/2 1 0.05 (200 Øx700) x1 150X110X600
OF-1 1 0.135 (200 Øx1200) x1 150X110X600
OF-2 2 0.27 (200 Øx1200) x2 350X250X880
OF-3 3 0.405 (200 Øx1200) x3 500X250X880