DFW UV Flow Type Sterilizer System

  • Lamp life long, cost savings
  • Installation is fast and easy to operate
  • The use of quartz tube penetration rate, improve the sterilization efficiency
  • The main body of stainless steel SUS304, can withstand 7 kg of water pressure
  • Applicable to a wide range, can be used for any drinking water sterilization
  • The use of high efficiency electronic ballast to improve the efficiency of sterilization by 20%
  • Lamp replacement, easy maintenance
  • The lamp can be used continuously for 9,000 hours
  • Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus bactericidal efficiency of 99.99%, Bacillus subtilis buds sterilization efficiency of 99.9%

DFW series of ultraviolet disinfection can destroy microbial tissue such as DNA, RNA, so that microbes can not continue to grow to achieve bactericidal effect.

DFW Application
DFW series basic specifications
Type Water flow Pure water flow Lamp power Number of lamps Inlet and outlet caliber Timer Warning device Material
DFW-1L 5m³/Hr 6m³/Hr 150W 1 40A 304S.S
DFW-2L 10m³/Hr 12m³/Hr 300W 2 50A 304S.S
DFW-3L 15m³/Hr 18m³/Hr 450W 3 80A 304S.S
DFW-4L 20m³/Hr 24m³/Hr 600W 4 80A 304S.S