ADXL UV Sterilizer System for Sugar Liquid : Steritron ADXL Series

  • Sterilization dosage is design to 50,000μ w.sec/c㎡ as a standard.
  • Used for Sugar liquid sterilization of BRIX 63% or below.
  • 10% or more of Sugar liquid permeability is required (this has to be verified by us by testing).
  • 99.99% of Pathogenic E. coli sterilization effect.
  • 99.9% of Bac-Spore IFO3134 sterilization effect.
  • Absolute sterilization of flat sours.
  • Direct UV sterilization is possible after sugar is melted at ambient temperature of 30℃.
  • Possible for direct C I P or rinsing with hot water or heated steam (UV lamp must be off).
  • Provided with low-voltage lamp. No need for warming up.
  • Body made of SUS304 stainless capable of sustaining 7kg/c㎡ G.
  • UV lamp is durable for 9,000 hours of continuous use.
  • Provided with indicator for UV lamp abnormal, accumulated time of use and quartz sleeve abnormal.

Made from sugar canes or beets, sugar is produced in factories in the form of grains or syrup. However, during to the regions where the sugar is produced and the refining process in the factories, many products in the market contain sugar that is contaminated by Bacillus and heat-resistant bacteria spores, or even flat sours. When the sugar is processed in water at 65-85℃ , it is the right temperature for the spawning of the spores. Although most of the sterilization is done with UHT, it has to take 30 minutes and 135℃ to kill Bacillus and heat-resistant bacteria spores. By that time, the heat will have destroyed the molecular structure of sugar and the flavor of caramel.

ADXL series kills bacteria in melted sugar at room temperature. For flat sours, Bacillus and heat-resistant bacteria spores, the sterilization is instant while the production is on line. Now, we are at the time of high energy price. High energy consumption and frequent maintenance coming from UHT or hot water sterilization are adding more and more in production costs. UV sugar liquid sterilizer is your solution for improving product quality, extending shelf life and producing low-cost products.

Specifications of ADXL series
Type Standard flow rate( m³/h) NO. of lamps Power consumption (KW) Power capacity (KVA)
ADXL-1 0.5 1 0.26 1.2
ADXL-4 2 4 1.04 2.0
ADXL-6 3 6 1.56 2.5
ADXL-8 4 8 2.1 3.0
ADXL-16 8 16 4.2 5.0
ADXL-20 10 20 5.2 5.9
ADXL-32 15 32 8.2 8.8
ADXL-40 20 40 9.9 10