Established for a long time ago. LONG FU HANG CO., LTD. holds the traditional management philosophy, and introduced the state-of-the-art technologies from JAPAN. Also, we act the sole agent of Chiyoda's UV Sterilization equipments and precision instruments. We conform the standard of the sanitation inspection criteria for food production equipments. We are also dedicated to elevating the quality and technical standards of the products and working on integrating the manufacturing system with customized design. For now, our products are well received by the public, especially the industries of the food, alcohol and medicine. Also, we are devoted to the cultivation for the best service.

Product application

UV sterilization is the most safe and reliable disinfection methods, Europe and the United States and other advanced countries have long been widely used. Its no secondary pollution and the lowest harm is the biggest advantage


UV sterilization equipment and precision equipment needs?